Busy by Day and Accomplished by Night

Defeat Your Worst Nightmares—Do the Things You Don’t Want To Do

There is a saying that successful people do what they need to do whether they like it or not. It’s an inspirational expression to get lazier, more sluggish people to get up and be more productive in their lives and encourage them to perform better overall. What is the benefit of getting through the daunting things in the morning? Spending time on it at the beginning of the day ensures that it gets your attention before family, friends, or distractions get in the way of it all. Think about it! What better time is there to focus on important work or projects than in the quiet hours of the morning? Late at night? But then you sacrifice waking up bright and early and feeling energized enough to get your mornings rolling right. It’s important to take advantage while you are still feeling ready to strategize.

Neither planning nor taking action is more important than the other. It is essential that you realize the two complement each other. Do not give up one for the other while thinking that you are doing yourself a favor. You are making a huge mistake and losing all the true potential that lies within a fruitful morning by not planning ahead. Take this time to plan for the rest of the day if you truly feel that you have nothing else to do. Successful people are always doing something and don’t let the idea slip by that there is nothing to do. There is always something to do if you are thinking successfully. Kraig Strom from StrongOutdoors said “Keep your mentality straight and work to prosper, not just to get work done.

Along with planning, successful people will visualize their day; good article from Inc.com You can ask any successful person and they will all tell you one of the same key concepts. And that is the value of visualizing the future you desire. Sure, many times this is associated with looking towards the distant future, the future that almost seems too far away to be looking into. But this is not the case for creating the perfect morning ritual Something as simple as picturing the right reactions from your boss or having a relaxing day can cause your day to go better because of your natural energy. People can truly feel vibrations from each other, and if yours is negative, you will not give positive energy to or get it from others.

Prioritize what is most important and get that done before it gets too late. Reflect on how this day fits into your grander goals in life, and envision what it will be like to make it there. Taking into consideration your bigger and better goals can aid you in keeping your motivation high as you perform your least favorite tasks. Do you want to know how ill-fated people think? Individuals who are ill-fated treat their duties with much more of a bounded viewpoint. They usually reference work in a more negative way and only bring out the darkness. They will utter complaints like “my life is no life,” or “the day-to-day drudgery,” for instance.

On top of all of this, they tend to grumble and whine instead of viewing their work as a way to create a form of efficiency and to form a life of endlessly engaging opportunities. There needs to be passion behind your work, or else all is pointless. The formation of your work, your influence, and what you learn from others—THAT is what leads to your ultimate objectives being undertaken and thoughts becoming reality.

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