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Google Adwords Basics

Google Adwords is an online advertising tool that allows retailers to place advertisements of their products on almost all google search result pages, partner website and YouTube video. Any online business can use Google Adwords to grow their businesses inorder to enhance sales or generate leads. There is no other online advertising network that can lead to faster sales than Adwords. Upon signing up, the ad is seen on the first page of Google search query in just a few minutes.

How it works

You simply tell Google the ads to show on the search result pages based on the keywords of the users and every time a user clicks on the adword advertisement, Google charges you as the business for the click. The cost per click varies on the bid amount and the price other advertisers pay for the same keyword.

How to Start an Account

The basic steps for account creation and preparation are:

· Create an Adword account
· Create and name the campaign
· Create the ads
· Choose keywords
· Set a budget
· Wait for Google to approve the ads
· Allow Adwords to do the magic
· Check later, modify, measure and repeat the process.

The Basics of Google Adwords

To start advertising your products, go to and get started in the world of pay per click advertising. As stated earlier, Google Adwords is quite simple but you should understand the components that make up the ad and how they work in enhancing the sales of a business.

Components of an Ad

· The headline

This is the important text and it appears in the first line of the advertisement which is colored blue like a hypertext link. A good headline determines if the searcher will click on the link or not.

· The description

It plays an important role thought minor than the headline. You should test different descriptions to increase interest in the offering.

· Display URL

This is the address of your website and it is different from the destination URL which is the web page you are sending ad traffic to.

The keywords, description and headline are the testing levers and you will spend a lot of time adjusting them to get the combination that will bring more profit.

Here is how you can use Google Adwords intelligently so that the budget turns to profit

Start small

The secret to Google Adwords is to enhance your skills before going big, therefore, before choosing so many keywords and a bigger budget, start with a small manageable campaign and learn what will work and what will not for the business.

Start by choosing a few items that can move without persuasion then select keywords and create ads for each item.

· Create an ad group for each product you see and be as specific as possible.
· Make at least two ads for every ad group and test the ads against each other.

Starting with a few keywords and ad groups makes managing and testing the campaigns easier.

Choosing Smart Keywords

· The brand name

If you have a popular brand name that is closely tied to the product, you should create an ad group around keywords related to the brand name. 

· Survey the Customers 

When a prospective customer converts to a paying customer make a point of asking them why they chose to do business with the your company in order to find out why they chose to trust the business products with their hard earned money. You will get so many answers some of which will be recurring. The language customers use is unique to your store and the way you do business, therefore use the language the customers use as the advertising copy and the keywords. You will be able to convert faster when you use the customer’s language and the keywords will have less competition.

· Advertise Locally 

Take advantage of the geographical location by exclusively advertising to the local customers. Not only can you set the Adwords preference to target customers in the targeted region but you can also tailor the ad copy to target a specific area.

If you are selling something unknown or unique

Having a new product that is not known is a good marketing position to be in. However, it can be quite difficult to market on Google Adwords since the audience knows already what they are searching for, therefore, if they do not know about your product, then they may not search for it. This does not mean that you cannot get Adwords, just approach it differently.

· Survey the existing customers

Ask the customers why they like the product and the problem it solves, the answers will contain a language that may be useful to create Google Adword advertisement.

· Determine the benefit of the product

This is almost similar to surveying the customers. Determine the benefits of the new product then craft a keyword based on the benefits.

Content marketing can also help to raise awareness of a new product with no active sales.

Setting a starting budget

Google Adwords allows you to set your daily budget as well as change it any time you like. You can choose a daily budget for every campaign depending on the advertising goals as and the total amount you are comfortable spending.

After setting the budget, the ads go through an approval process using the set advertising policies of Adwords. Here is how the approval process works:

· A preliminary check is conducted on your site and your personal details.

This takes a few hours and once it is complete you receive a notification mail informing you that your application has progressed to the next stage.

· An ad code is placed on the site and the review completed

This completes the application process and Google Adwords begins to do its magic in enhancing sales of the concerned online business.

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