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What Are The Different Types Of Maintenance Management Software For Hotels And Hospitals?

Hospitality and maintenance management systems use software programs to run hotels and hospitals. From keeping track of the rooms that need to be cleaned to the length of stay, these types of software programs are essential to ensure that maintenance needs are taken care of efficiently and quickly. 

Maintenance management software programs are simple to use programs that are used in the housekeeping and maintenance departments in a company. These programs help to improve the efficiency of servicing and cleaning the rooms. Some features included in this module are:

•    Staying updated of a room’s status
•    Number of guests in room
•    Number of beds
•    Any special requests (cots, high chairs, recliner)

All of this information should not only be accessible to the staff, it should also be visible to management. The staff will have the ability to enter any maintenance issues into the system as soon as they arise, and these issues will be forwarded to the maintenance department. The staff can also request additional toiletries for a room, and can also stay updated on the laundry status. 

There are several maintenance management systems on the market that are useful in both the hotel industry and the hospital industry. Management should select the software program that is best suited to the needs of their organization. 

Fleetmatics Work    

This software allows users to manage and dispatch all of the work online. A schedule can easily be controlled and changed through desktop, laptop or mobile devices. The software will eliminate the need for paperwork and documentation because staff members can use their mobile phones to complete jobs. 

Fleetmatics Work is affordable and offers a complete solution for managers and business owners who are looking to control and simplify work orders. 


This is web based software for maintenance management. This is a customized program for both PC and mobile. Users will be able to manage everything from inventory control to work order scheduling. NetFaciliites offers efficiency with grounds maintenance and property management for one or more locations. It can link all staff and locations under one system. 


You can set up all of your maintenance schedules with one click and allow ManagerPlus to do the rest. Managers can track maintenance schedules, and keep track of inventory. The system will alert you when the tasks will need to be completed and makes sure that all documents are in compliance with regulations.
It can be easily integrated with meter tracking and GPS. Existing spreadsheets can be imported easily.

This is an all in one management maintenance software that will allow managers to effectively handle work orders. Managers can also assign jobs to techs in the field as well as create estimates and complete scheduling. 

Hippo CMMS

This maintenance management software offers a 15-day free trial, and the starter plan is very affordable. Another feature of this software is that it offers no contracts, no costs to setup and it can be accessed by unlimited users at once. It is cloud-based so users will only need a mobile device in order to use the software. 

These are a few of the maintenance management software systems that hotels and hospitals can use. The systems help to streamline maintenance work orders and help staff members work more efficiently. My personal favorite is Hippo CMMS Take a look at Hippo’s CMMS software for hospitals and see what other industries they work with here. 

10 Best Facility Management Softwares to Buy for Your Business in 2016

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All You Need To Know About The Benefits Of Using Equipment Maintenance Software

Equipment maintenance may not seem too daunting a task; however, it can be quite overwhelming for individuals who are unaware of how to maintain the specific equipment at hand.  In fact, even those individuals who are aware of how to maintain the particular equipment can find this activity challenging for various reasons.  In previous years, it was necessary to ‘call the other guy’ in order to repair equipment should a second hand be required; however, nowadays the maintenance is far simpler due to improved technology.  This article will provide information on the developed equipment maintenance software and the different benefits this software can provide.

1. Repair Costs Decreased

By installing this type of maintenance software, the repair costs of any equipment will be sufficiently decreased.  This is due to the fact that the structures and assets of the equipment are less prone to breakdown, which will significantly lower the need for repair or maintenance.

2. Decreased Disruption

One significant, albeit rather indirect, benefit is that of decreased operational disruptions.  Traditional maintenance is often completed during operating hours and can disrupt the general running of any organization thereby causing a loss in income; however, the use of maintenance software allows maintenance to be completed at arranged times when the equipment is not in use allowing for no disruption and no loss of income.

3. Efficient Staff Management

Due to the decreased amount of breakdowns seen, it can be argued that there is a decreased need for engineers.  This can lead to a dismissal in staff and reduction in staffing, thus reducing staff costs in this manner; however, staff costs can also be reduced by merely reducing the amount of time engineers spend on administration.  By using more efficient scheduling and staff management, the software allows for enhanced preventative maintenance of the equipment and employees.

4. Improved Risk Management

Safety and risk management is a vital aspect of any efficiently run organization, and by utilizing equipment maintenance software one is able in increase the safety standard level through scheduled checks.  Accident risk is reduced which not only increases the safety of employees but also minimizes the loss of work time, which contributes to a sustained profitability.

In addition to completing checks of the equipment, the equipment maintenance software will also complete assessments of the equipment’s condition to assist in developing reliability-based maintenance schedules.  By combining this assessment with risk analysis checks, the maintenance software is able to record conditions of the equipment, plan refurbishment and record any likelihood of future breakdowns.

5. Increased Vision Via Software

By effectively using the existing data records in a single resource, the maintenance software is able to increase understanding of the products within the organization; as well as different aspects of the organization itself.  By having access to this information, it is possible to create more comprehensive plans and strategies as means of attaining visionary goals in the near future using equipment maintenance software.

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