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If you're interested in participating in the Adidam Digital Library app that runs on the Apple iPad/iPhone, you need to subscribe to the Wisdom Express with Adidam Digital Library, which is available for ordering on the Adidam Gateway.

Forthcoming in 2024: Adidam Digital Library on Android Devices


Screenshot of Adidam Digital Library app running on an old Motorola android phone, Jan 20, 2023, and on a Kindle Fire Tablet. The android version will come out later in 2023.

Complete List of eBooks, CDs and DVDs:

The CDs section now features a large image of Bhagavan in the background.

This version features ebooks as part of the app.

You can't really tell from this screenshot, but the books are arranged in the "23 Courses" that Adi Da designed. See the essay in My “Bright” Sight, The Structures of the Divine Avataric "Source-Texts" Given by Avatar Adi Da Samraj, page 390, for more details.

The Adidam Digital Library app is also available on iphones.

Video Overview of The Adidam Digital Library


Aletheon, The
Always Enact Fidelity to Me
Gnosticon, The
Green Gorilla
My "Bright" Form
My "Bright" Sight
My "Bright" Word
Not-Two Is Peace
Notice This
Pneumaton, The
Recognition of Me Is Liberation
Right Life Is Free Participation In Unlimited Radiance
Sacred Space Of Finding Me, The
Transcendental Realism


Adidam Is the Seventh Stage Way
Approach Me From the Heart
Beyond Sex Science and self
Beyond The Trap of Experience
Cracking the Code of Experience
Committment to Happiness, The
Committment to Real God Realization, The
Divine Is Not the Cause, The
Easy Death
Enter Into Unlimited Profoundity
Fire Must Have Its Way, The
Fundamental Purpose of Existence, The
Grace of Suffering, The
Great Secret, The
Guru is Sufficient, The
Human History Is One Great Tradition
Illusion of Familiarity, The
Intelligence of the Heart, The
Lesson of Life, The
Locate What Is Real
Location of Happiness, The
Process of Spiritual Transmission, The
Quest for the Historical Self
Relationship to the Guru, The
Relinquish the Mummery of This World
Secret of Experience, The
Transcend the Self-Knot of Fear
Divine Is Not the Cause, The
Wordless Condition Prior to I, The
You Are The Question You Ask


After My Lifetime
Asana Of Science, The
Avon Lady, The
Awaken To Brightness
Beyond Sex, Science & "self"
Bridge to God, The
Buddhism Advaitism and the Way of Adidam
Causal Position, The
Conversion To The Guru
Cosmic Mandala, The
Cracking the Code of Experience
Crazy Da Must Sing, Inclined To His Weak
Death And The Purpose Of Existence
Divine Domain Is Not Elsewhere, The
Divine Is Not the Cause, The
Do This Yoga In All Your Parts
Enter Into Unlimited Profoundity
Fire Must Have Its Way, The
Fundamental Purpose of Existence, The
Garbage And The Goddess
The Gift of Ripening
God Is Not in Charge
God Who Truly Is, The
Grace of Suffering, The
Grace of Trust, The
Grace Of Turning To Me, The
Grid of Attention, The
Guru As Prophet
Guru, Faith, and Divine Communion
Happiness Is Prior to Pleasure and Need
Happiness That Transcends the World, The
Heaven-Born Gospel Of The Ruchira Avatar, The
Human History Is One Great Tradition
I Am Your Unique Advantage
I Will Do Everything
Identification of the Beloved
Impulse to God-Realization, The
I Will Do Everything
Klik-Klak_ The Pattern Patterning
Knowledge of Light, The
Law of Love-Bliss, The
Let Death Make You Serious About Life
Liberating Word of Avatar Adi Da Samraj, The
Location of Happiness, The
Master Is The Means, The
Money Food and Sex
My Kiln of "Brightness"
Myths, Realizers, and Divine Revelation
Nothing Is At It Appears
Persist in the In-Depth Process
Primal Space, The
Primary Sensation, The
Quest For The Historical Self, The
Real self-Understanding Is Right Now
Reality Is Beyond "Point Of View"
Reality Is Conscious Light
Reality Is Not What You Think
Reality Is Paradox
Reality-Teachings of the Advaitic Sages
Reality-Teachings of the Buddhist Sages
Realization of Now, The
Remember About Being Happy
Renouncing the Search for the Edible Deity
Ribhu Gita, The
Science And The Myth Of Materialism
Science Is a Method, Not a Philosophy
Secret of Experience, The
Self-Understanding and Divine Communion
Sex, Laughter, and Real-God-Realization
Spiritual Gospel of Saint Jesus of Galilee, The
Teaching Manual of Perfect Summaries Chanting, The
Teaching Manual of Perfect Summaries Recitation, The
Tend The Sacred Fire of Guru-Devotion
Transcend The Camera Of The Body-Mind
Transcend The Self-Knot Of Fear
Transcending the Cosmic Domain
True Prayer Is A Process of Ecstasy
Two Essays and a Talk from The Revelation of Ruchiradam
Ultimate Outshining of Death, The
Walking The Dog
Way Beyond Ego, The
Way That Begins With Realization, The
What Is Your Intention?
You Are Only Consciousness Itself
You Can't Get There from Here
Your Real Condition Is Prior to Waking, Dreaming, and Sleeping

This contents list is current as of Dec 2022.

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